3 million up for grabs in Gwamba’s Jesus Is My Boss Football and Netball trophy 2018 edition


Award winning Gospel artist, Gwamba has raised stakes for his Jesus Is My Boss Football and Netball trophy in 2018 to 3 million from 2 million.

The tournament is a token of goodwill to the vast people that live in Area 18 and it also helps to expose players to the Super League.

Timmy Ntilo, Gwamba’s Managers has confirmed the figures “next year (2018) the prize money will be 3 million Kwacha”.

Ntilo said “Gwamba has a huge fan base in area 18, having lived there for over 13 years, they are more like family. Having grown up in the area, its a special place for him”.

Black Leboz are this year’s JIMB winners in soccer while Buffalo Sisters emerged victorious in netball.

Part of the football action. Photo credit BenSam

Leboz went away with MK500,000 while second and third place went with MK250,000 and MK150,000 respectively.

In Netball, Buffalo Sisters got MK250,000 while runners up got MK150,000 and MK100,000.

Buffalo Sisters player collects trophy. Photo Credit Ben Sam

The final games were attended by a lot of people from all walks of life including fellow musicians.

Known faces included Tannah the Comedian, fellow award winning Gospel Hip Hop artist Suffix, award winning producer BFB, Dali Masaiti aka Penetrator, Emmanuel formerly known as EmmQ, Ben Sam, Kelvin Sings and AK OnThaBoard among others.

Nyau King, Tay Grin backed by Dj Nathan Tunes led musical performances to entertain spectators with Dan Lu, Seven O More, Martse, Charisma, Dj Spark, Mabilinganya joining in.

The tournament is an annual event.

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