6 things every woman secretly craves in bed


I don’t think even science can make us understand what it feels like to satisfy a crave for something. Just try to imagine how a little kid yearns for candy when he/she passes a candy shop or ice cream when they walk past an ice cream store; the feeling is energetic, the crave is indescribable. Now, picture how that young kid feels when you eventually give him/her that ice cream, candy, chocolate or whatsoever was desired; the excitement can’t be matched by any.

A woman’s crave in bed can be compared to a young kid’s crave for those things children value. If a woman finally meets that man who can satisfy her crave with minimum fuss, the excitement cannot be described, the passion cannot explained and the satisfaction cannot be quantified.

Every woman has what she seriously craves in bed and it doesn’t go past these things that would be highlighted in this article.


Every woman has a part of her body that’s sensitive to a man’s touch, sometimes she doesn’t even know that it exists; it’s the role of the man to find that touch with each caress and each stroke and it differs from woman to woman. Every woman wishes to be touched in a way that would make her say words she didn’t believe was stored in her mental dictionary, and if a man can pull this one-off, she would never forget such a man.


Most men are always in a hurry to get into action with their lady forgetting the power of a good foreplay. Women love foreplay, women loved to be touched passionately, they love to be kissed and caressed; sex without this would be too mechanical and boring. Passion brings out the excitement in a woman and every woman hopes to have her excitement aroused. Like they say, a good foreplay lasts between ten to fifteen minutes.


Men have mixed reactions about oral sex; some love to give a lady this pleasure while some frown at it; but it’s no new thing that every woman loves oral sex; the better the oral sex, the merrier the woman. Every woman loves a man who can make her squeal while he does some excellent work around her Vee; you would hardly see a woman who doesn’t.


No woman would be proud if her man goes in and is out within a few seconds or minutes. Every woman craves longevity while in the sheets; every woman craves for a man who can last the extra minutes to make sure she also feels the pleasure of climax. While most wouldn’t complain even if their man is the one-minute man, deep within, she would secretly crave for longevity.


Orgasm is defined as the point during sexual activity when sexual pleasure is strongest; it’s the climax of sex. Most women have complained to each other about how little they have ever attained orgasm and some would even tell you that they have never attained orgasm. Every woman secretly wishes to have that man who would guide them to orgasm.


Most men just sleep off and while away the time with something else after sex but women aren’t pleased by this. Every woman secretly wishes that her man would be romantic enough to cuddle her after sex; it shows you care and that it isn’t just about the sex to you; she might not tell you this but she feels that way.

So fellas, if you think women don’t have what they secretly desire in bed, you need to think twice. A woman’s body and mind isn’t a log of wood, she’s sensitive to things and she’s emotional as well.

Source: Elcrema.com.

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