Ambo Aj links up with USA based King Tuzi for ‘All Roads Lead Down the Isle’


Black Leaf Music artist, Ambokire Salimu Jnr and former member King Tuzi have linked up to drop ‘All Roads Lead Down the Isle’ Ep.

Set for March 29 release, the project has been in the works since July.

According to Salimu Jnr, whose rap name is Ambo Aj, the project finished in the second half of last year saying “we had just been waiting for the right time to drop it”.

“The concept behind the title, by all roads lead down the Isle we’re saying that no matter what we/you try, you cannot fight fate. We feel as if it’s written in the stars us doing this music thing, and whichever road we may try take, school or anything, we’ll still end up at the same place. It’s God’s will” explained Aj in an interview.

The Ep is 7 songs strong with Aj producing.

A few months ago, Aj acknowledged the split in the group but has since maintained “We’re still moving forward. The label is still around, we still doing our thing, despite the break up”.

Questioned on the legality of who owns the tape, Aj says “The project has joint rights, half owned by Black Leaf, because I’m in it, everything I do is under the label. Tuzi is indie. ”

King Tuzi was formerly a member of the BLM crew before announcing departure to embark on a solo career.

He is currently in the United States of America pursuing studies in Physics at University of Central Arkansas.

Speaking on the creative process from the states, Tuzi says it has been hard work.

“I send all my music to either AJ or Big Phil to mix via email. Plus also making music and getting trying to get money as a young man such as myself should.

Commenting on the label split for the first time in public he said “Black Leaf to me is all love, you know, we clashed one time and it sadly led to separation but AJ been my brother since primary school so nothing has changed.

“If anything, us as a pair has gotten stronger from it.”

The two said the tape will be free.

King Tuzi said he is working on making the Ep available on all music platforms in order to maximize distribution across the world.

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