BarryOne couldn’t keep it thoro on Made On Monday as he fails to kick a freestyle

…I think I should be the only guy that never kicked a free…

Photo Credit: BarryOne/Facebook

No one saw this coming, the old guard Barry One was not in the zone on Monday night’s most happening radio show with Joy Nathu, choking three times during the live freestyle session.

It is customary for an artist being interviewed on Made On Monday to kick a live, off the dome before they leave the studios.

He did say he had not kicked one in a long time and was seemingly nervous about it.

…coughs and sighs through the mic…

Uno lost it on the first instrumental just after a few bars going in.

“…You find me offensive, I find you stupid for finding me offensive, you’re stupid. I am here dropping exclusives like Joy Nathu. Mad interviews and beats…” Cuts.

“Yo man, you see, I can’t even kick a free man, it’s been like a while man…switch the beat, I need a live beat, a very groovy [beat],” he said after the first episode, before Nathu let him have another beat.

The second one was much shorter than the first. A few bars in and he choked yet again to the surprise of listeners.

“Joy, I think am not in the zone, I’m not really vibing you know what I mean…am not vibing,” the legendary, who had just premiered a hard-hitting song Basopu featuring Bucci, sending warning shots to the culture in general, chucked and told Joy Nathu: “…I think I should be the only guy that never kicked a free…on this program.”

Listen to part of BarryOne’s interview with Joy Nathu, starting with the 10 Question Challenge.

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