Be very afraid of Kelvin Sings silence


Kelvin Sings is a versatile artist. He can out rap your favourite rappers, singer’s and dancehall sing jay’s.

This is by no means an exaggeration. Want proof? Listen to his made on Monday freestyle.

Want more proof? Watch his viral clip doing a mash up of hot banging hooks this year.

The humble artist has been relatively silent since dropping Tingotengana featuring Janta earlier this year but that is what is scary. He is working on something.

While everyone is on social media talking about their project and numbers their doing, the E Wallet talent show winner is busy preparing what could be a take over.

Taking time out to talk to, Kelvin Sings tells us he is currently working on an EP ‘Forgive Me For Being Honest.

To get a picture of the concept behind the title, Kelvin say “The whole EP is basically a share of my side of the story to things that I see happening around. So it’s based on different things out here” he details.

“I made sure each and every single track is one that people can relate to” he adds.

We understand recording is done. “Finalising the mixing and all at the moment”.

An official single is in the pipeline along with visuals.

He says ” I really took my time on the single and the EP as well. So they should expect nothing but the best from me”.

The entire EP is executive produced by Blage. Vocal engineers include E-RIL, Henwood and Stich Fray.

The EP was recorded in a month and has no features, just Kelvin Sings.

No official dates set for the single and whole body but December promises of new music from the star.