BFB enlists Zambian Dalisoul, Charisma, Donzo and Annie Matumbi for ‘Trap ya Chewa’


Award winning producer, Black Falcon Bird is geared to put out his new song ‘Trap ya Chewa’.

Dropping December 4, the song features an unusual collaboration of Zambian star Dalisoul, Charisma, Donzo and legendary Ragga artist Annie Matumbi.

BFB says the song is a mash up of traditional central region music (where the Chewa are based) with new school trap music.

“Trap ya a Chewa simply means Local trap, a chewa standing for vernacular”
He narrates how he got to work with the Chipyango (Music ayende) star”.

“Dalisoul came to Malawi to record some music at Lulu’s studio, that’s how we met and after some days of working with both lulu and him we were talking projects so I played him that (Trap ya Chewa)”.

“He liked it. The next thing was him lacing vocals on it” BFB recollects.
Guitars in the song were done by the maestro Lulu.

He further explains the oddity of Dalisoul, Charisma and Matumbi on the song.

“The collaboration seems so strange but I managed to pull it all together because every artist was assigned with the right role on the song”.

“Even when you think of Matumbi being on this song, its strange cause its Trap modern vibe so to say, but when you listen to the song you will realise what he did”.

BFB says it could not have sounded better if it was another person doing it.

“I couldn’t do otherwise but to get every needed art on board to complete the feel of the record”.

‘Trap ya Chewa’ premiers on MBC radio 2’s Joy Nathu flagship show, #MadeOnMonday.

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