Classick weighs in his two cents on the new school/old school rivalry

Classick: What some of these artists are saying does not reflect the point of view of all of us.

Classick has weighed in his two cents into the ongoing new school vs. old school rivalry, which for a while now, has been dominating music debates both online and offline.

The argument about new school artists being the best as compared to their predecessors has turned ugly with jabs being thrown.

However, Classick – a new school artist and one half of the Blantyre based rap duo, Home Grown African (HGA), – has addressed the issues by dropping a song titled NMT (Not My Type), which features retired legendary rap artist Mandela aka Third Eye.

“I am a new school artist but what some of these artists are saying does not reflect the point of view of all of us that is why I decided to bridge the gap, link up with a veteran.

“I am honoured that he accepted to lace a verse. This is the last we will hear of Third Eye and I am just humbled,” said Classick as he disclosed he grew up listening to Mandela and other old school artists and finds it disrespectful to hear cats in his own generation despise those that came before them.

The versatile rapper went on to say he was honoured that Mandela blessed him with a verse before calling it quits. “I am humbled to have Mandela on the song as it speaks volumes of the respect I have for old school music and artists.”

Announced retirement: Mandela

Third Eye announced a couple of weeks ago that he had retired from music, which some people believe it is just a gimmick, as he has made such announcements before but never quit.

Classick did however clarify that Mandela was still retired but decided to bless the young MC, 24, with a verse.

This is the first time the two have come on a song and it’s highly regarded as what the industry needed to overcome the unnecessary conflict that is there right now.

The artist, born Yankho Zulu, also took time to clarify on the use of Zulu not his official Classick stage name on the NMT artwork.

“The song doesn’t have Classick on the artwork but Zulu and Mandela, I am not changing my name but being proud of my roots, African and I just thought this was the right time”.

He further indicated NMT was not his official single, but something he wanted to put out there voicing out his views on the whole issues.

Listen to Not My Type 

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