Cozizwa and 2Kay fuse traditional sound in upcoming gospel EP


Lilongwe gospel hip hop artists Cozizwa and 2Kay have brought a new style to gospel music by fusing it with traditional elements.

Their latest music video ‘Zikili’ is a taste of what the two have in offer from their upcoming EP.

Shot and directed by Essim, the audio was released a year ago with production by Lo Budget Record producer, Marcus.

Titled ‘Zozizwa’, the EP has 13 songs recorded, with 10 to make the cut.

The concept of the EP centres around God being of miracles. Worshipping God and being grateful, the artists reveal.

“It’s about personal stories of miracles. Passing though times. God gave us grace.

“Looking at where we are, we don’t take it for granted,” said 2Kay.

In an interview, the two said planning for the EP changed course to fit this new dynamic traditional fusion.

“We wanted to put out the tape last year but had to switch up because we saw how the songs were coming up,” added Cozizwa.

The two artists say they had to shelve a lot of good beats to incorporate their theme.

“Mixing up the music hasn’t been easy but it sounds exquisite.

The two took the gospel scenery by storm in 2017 when they put out the hit song ‘Cozizwa’ which was more of testing the waters with their new-found sound.

Explaining why they chose to work with the Daredevils’ Marcus, Cozizwa indicated: “It’s team work. These guys have respect for God’s work and are respectful of our work”.

Commenting on current gospel music outlook, Cozizwa said “I think guys doing gospel are actually pushing big time”.

“Our message is defying there. We just want to be part of God’s movement. Youths like music like rap”.

There has been criticism of some rap artists for not portraying gospel. The two had choice of words, saying “We approach people in different ways. Gospel is about good news”.

Watch ‘Zikili’ below: