Dee Oh Dub’s ‘Proud Soul’ album out


Soul Amp Entertainment, Malawi’s elite rap collective group artist, Dee Oh Dub’s has released his ‘Proud Soul’ album.

The album speaks to the young Malawian in the struggle of trying to make something of themselves.

Proud Soul album is an inspirational/motivational work of art that encourages the “go get it!” mentality.

This is displayed in songs like “Carry On”, “High”, “WINNER” and “Proud Soul”. Of course, as is the norm in the rap game, the album also has something for the ladies as well as a macho, alpha male feel.

Dub says this is basically due to balancing other aspects of life and trying to sync schedules with Basssik (who executive produced the project) and the other collaborative artists.

“A good work of art takes time to perfect. And that’s what Proud Soul is: a carefully thought out work of art”.

Dee Oh Dub born Yamikani Chigarus album is available on the groups official website and has taken close to a year to finalize.

“I would be walking in the street reflecting on a memory and boom, the lyrics just come to me” says Dubs adding his creative process for the album stemmed from situations he and people close to him encountered in the past.

He says tracks like Mr. Sugar Fix were inspired while in the studio just talking about random things with the SoulAmp camp.

He says he appreciates art in every form it is exhibited. So for him it really isn’t a question of Rap or Hip Hop becoming diluted, rather it is evolving and adapting to the times, as all enduring art forms should.

He gives kudos to all trap artist who are doing big and still maintains his own boom bap hardcore rap while he’s at it.

Credits for the album go to Executive Producer – Basssik. Contributing Artists -Africa, Basssik, Gingy, Inkheart.

Writing credits – Lusekelo “Kelo” Simwela (he wrote the spoken word piece that Dee Oh Dub recited on “Listen” the intro of the album.

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