‘Forgive me’ Mwiza Chavura says as he aims to positively impact society


Embattled Hip Hop artist, Mwiza Chavura, says he is working on positive impact on society after reflecting on recent ‘Rape’ song backlash.

Chavura on Sunday took to his usual choice of engagement, Facebook,  to address the trending issue.

The artist speaks of the “experience being a transitional point from negative angle to positive output on society”.

Chavura addresses “hypocrisy” in the music industry from other artists, who wanted to crucify him. The rapper did not mention names.

“I have also noted some hypocritical nature of some music artists from my same field. While older people and fans had pity and criticized me into the right direction, it was sad seeing those that have done even worser things pointing fingers at me and wishing for more bad luck to fall on me, some even went to the public and campaigned for me to be imprisoned”.

The former Trap Squad member has apologized while thanking concerned quarters for what he calls “shaping” him.

Appealing to his fans, Chavura says they now should hold hands and make a positive contribution to the nation.

He has since promised his followers to be on the lookout for his next release.

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