Four signs that she is into you

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Green lights. Every guy thinks they know when a girl is “feeling” them. But how can you tell if she isn’t faking? More often than not a woman will seem open to you if she is single and looking for a partner, which accounts for about 80% of the female population at the moment. Genuine affection is both hard and easy to spot. Females are a complicated creature, that’s true, but there are some things that can point you in the direction of the door or the direction of her heart. Here are four signs that show a woman is into you.

Her Smile

A woman’s smile is her defining factor. Even if you don’t know her well, how she smiles at you during a conversation can point out to you that she really likes you. If you are in a group of people, notice if she smiles your way more than the other guys present. Most times even in a group, if a girl likes a guy she will keep tabs on his conversation with other people even if she isn’t taking part in it. She will smile at your jokes without acknowledging she has heard them. In a one-on-one scenario now, HOW she smiles at you matters more than when she does. The way she laughs at your jokes – is it a giggle or full out laugh? Giggles are usually fake, unless you have had a prior conversation; or if she just smiles when you’re talking; if she bites her lip when she’s smiling too, these are all indicators for you as a guy to pick up on.

Body Language

Ever heard the words ‘actions speak louder than words’? The same applies in this scenario. A woman’s body is her most expressive tool. How she angles her head towards you, if she touches your hand when she’s making a point to you, if she scratches her ear when you’re speaking (some it’s rubbing the bottom lip), these little things are key notes for you. Does she lean away when you’re speaking to her? That’s a BIG NO right there. Or maybe that’s your breath. This is still a no! If she fondles an object when you’re having a conversation, this definitely means you are making her slightly nervous, which means she is maybe kinda sorta feeling the vibe from you. Don’t act upon it just yet, but take a moment to rethink your approach if you figure she is giving the green light. A sudden move could scare her away.


Now we have covered what you can see, you need to use your ears (which very few guys use when meeting a girl for the first time). What’s the conversation like? Does it flow? Are you talking more than she is? If you find yourselves talking over each other, and by this I mean you are both trying to get the other to listen, that’s a blinking, blinding green light. Women are mental to men’s visual. If a woman is mentally stimulated by a man it will show in the conversation. You won’t even have to struggle to find the right words to say to her, you just will. If however the conversation is stilted and hard, you have these awkward silences going on and none of the above mentioned, that’s your cue to get out of that spot!

Other people

I know it’s a common thing to say don’t mind what people say about you, but here please do. Notice how the people you’re with act towards you, especially if her friends are present. Girlfriends know when one of them has hooked on to a guy, and if that guy is you, you will know. They will most likely create a small space for the two of you, and push conversation away from you so you get to talk. Also, friends tend to size up a prospect. You will find yourself being asked questions about your status etc. that might seem odd coming from strangers but believe this, that’s a sign that they want to warn their girl away from you before she gives you her number.

If you have crossed all these lines, ticked all the boxes, and come through victorious? The rest is all you now. Get that number! Depending on what you want from her, your moves will define your outcome. Remember this though; every woman is different. Get to know her. Be friendly, but not her friend. A little light flirting here and there, compliments on the regular but not flooding, you just might be on your way to a warm bed and a happy life. Xoxxo

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