Fraudster at Luso Television


Former Luso Television employee, Dick Juma is accused of alleged fraud at the station by swindling clients money to submit and play their music without company knowledge and approval.

Inside sources say Juma has been asking for money ranging from Mk5.000 to Mk20.000 through the televisions Facebook page.

Speaking on anonymity the sources say Juma has continued his illicit use of the television Facebook page despite not working their anymore.

The trickster was discovered by a fellow former employee who also had access to the television’s Facebook page.

The sources with knowledge to the issue says juma was part of the old management of Luso before it was closed and sold.

“He was part of the page admin, when Luso closed, people were asking questions and requesting airplay music more especially.”

It transpired that Juma would tell people to send their music with add money inclusive; this has been happening is still happening even after the new management took over.”

The sources say they can not currently remove Juma from the television administrative page as the password had been forgotten.

Information seen by nyasatimes shows Luso Television management has been informed of the situation and are taking steps to curb Juma’s fraudulent endeavors using the company’s name.

It is not yet known how the television management will handle the issue.

Over the years, people impersonating they work for radio or television outlets have faced arrests.

Juma could not be reached for comment.