Hip Hop community apologizes for Chavura’s derogatory ‘Rape’ record


The Hip Hop community has apologized, sent a strong condemnation, and distanced itself from the viral derogatory song ‘Rape’ by former Trap Squad artist, Mwiza Chavura.

The community has united to apologize to women, mothers, daughters and sisters,  saying he (Chavura) does not represent what they are about.

The song ‘Rape’, released on December 21, has received backlash from various institutions and persons for glorying rape.

Malawi Hip Hoppaz representative, Black Mind in a statement says “Hip Hop is built on principles and morals, and thus Peace, Love, Unity and having fun”.

“As custodians, gatekeepers and guardians of Malawi Hip Hop we condemn this Mwiza Chavura and whatever he represents,” he says.

Black Mind further says some of them have wives, girlfriends, daughters, cousins, grandmoms, and “this is so disrespectful and so distasteful to the culture in general” .

In an interview, he states: “Just so we are clear, and this is said with a heavy heart, we do not associate with rape [and] violence in any form, neither do we condone such nuisance”.

“We love our women, our queens, our daughters, our girlfriends. Once again we apologize to all women for the distasteful song done by Mr Chavura”

“As Malawi’s Hip Hop elite we say no to rape and any violence in any form”.

Calls for Chavura’s arrest

As the pressure bares on Chavura, the leading music platform, malawi-music.com, has pulled the song down.

Former Chief Child Magistrate, Esmie Tembenu,  has called for the arrest of Chavura on grounds of incitement.

Tembenu: “The fact remains that damage has been inflicted. We call upon the Police to act on this issue and assure Malawians that such incitement has legal consequences. As a deterrent, the Police must send a strong message to such artists and Malawians that no one is above the law and that artists particularly, have a duty to conduct themselves in a manner that does not inflict pain and suffering on Malawian girls and women, whose rights are also guaranteed to be protected under Sections 15, 20, 23 and 24 of the Constitution.”

According to state media, the Women’s Legal Resources Centre (WOLREC) has also joined the wagon of condeming the song, saying Chavura insulted the modesty of women, which the organisation said was contrary to Section 137 (3) of the Penal Code.

Social Media watch

Online outrage and support for Chavura and his song has divided people.

Some have gone to the lengths of starting campaigns to ban Chavura entirely on all media platforms and get him arrested for hate speech if we have the laws.

Malawi-music.com has been criticized for giving the song platform, but the site says it screens music before putting it up.

“99 percent of the music is screened and Chavura fell in the 1 percent of artists,” claims the site.

Made on Monday, a show hosted by award-winning radio personality Joy Nathu, has also distanced its platform from giving the song airplay.

Chavura’s response

Calls and other modes of communication to reach Chavura went futile. However a friend and fellow artist, Slessor, says he was in communication with Chavura and he was apologetic over the song.

It is not known whether the silence from Chavura could indicate that he has been arrested.

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