Lady behind Crazy Soya Pieces audio introduces Sunday series


Comedian Felistus Ngwira, the lady behind crazy soya pieces audio and kiss of the northerners says she is introducing Sunday series to cater for her fans needs.

The series is a set of comedy skits she will deliver ever given Sunday afternoon.

Ngwira says she has big plans of reaching the international stage but wants her fellow Malawians to be familiar with her work.

“Recently, I would record audios but now I’m taking comedy seriously. I want people to know the lady behind the crazy soya pieces audio and kisses of northeners because I want to raise the flag of my country hence before I hit the international stage I want my people to be familiar with me”.

Ngwira says to solidify her name in the industry, it very much depends on her creativeness.

“My belief is that people will listen to me if I’m unique, different and that is what I am and still plan to be as the days go by. I am also making sure that I diversify and just be great at the talent I possess” she says.

Speaking about the reaction she has hard toward her skits, Ngwira says

“The response has been massive. I’m getting requests from people to organise shows so that they can actually watch me in person which only shows me that people are embracing this change in comedy”.

Ngwira has only been catering to those that are conversant with Tumbuka but right now opportunities have emerged where she is getting requests to also do some work in Chichewa and English.

She says this is something she has considered and is her next approach in the videos that she is working on.

“For a long time, I’ve witnessed people making jokes about us Tumbuka people and some of the things that we do. However, I wanted to own up to these doings and make people laugh while at it”.

She explains that her creative process comes from interacting with others.

“The topics are usually just brought about when I’m chatting with my friends and family. We will mostly stumble on a topic and midway through discussion, it will hit me that I could use that material in my comedy”.

“Sometimes, I just think of something inwardly, laugh about it and decide to share it to my followers”.

On sustainability of her Sunday series, Ngwira says it mostly depends on how she diversifies and her creativity to make sure that every Sundays she gives the people what she has promised.