Lawi talks Sunset In The Sky


Renowned afro pop soul artist, Lawi has confirmed his ‘Sunset In The Sky’ album will be released on 2 December at Bingu International Convention Centre.

Lawi, born Francis Phiri says preparations for album launch are under way.

In an interview, Lawi explained that Sunset In The Sky is a true symbol that dreams come true.

“The idea came to me as I was traveling. This particular time I was flying with my band and we took quiet a long period of time in the air and we happened to witness the sun set whilst in there. It was a very beautiful experience and strange for the African young man at the same time as we are used to seeing the sunset while we are on the ground”.

Lawi said the experience for him and the band represented dreams coming true because as a young person growing up, he remembers shouting “ndege ndege” (airplane airplane) each time he saw or heard the sound of the aeroplane.

“We could not help but wonder what exactly the aeroplane looked like up close and what it felt like to fly in it. That gave us a lot of curiosity but also sparked dreams inside our hearts to work hard so that one day we can make the dream of flying come true” Lawi said.

Sunset In The Sky, a second album from Lawi has 25 songs which translates to 78 minutes and tackles issues of spirituality, umunthu (humanity) mental health and stories of our lives.

Lawi said the album has taken four years to put together.

“It took this long because I first felt there was no need to rush. I draw much of my inspiration from life and it is through time that we learn different things and so I decided to give myself enough time to learn, grow and come to a place where I am able to translate all my life lessons into something beautiful and meaningful and of benefit not only to myself but to others”. He said.

The album is a proudly Malawian product which Lawi composed, wrote and produced.

“It is always important to reach out and get professional expertise and so you will note that on a number of songs Sam Kekana my brother and wonderful friend from South Africa adds beautiful sax flavor” adds Lawi.

Recently, Lawi has put out new music, two pieces to be exact titled Therere and Timalira.

“These are songs that carry deep meaningful themes and I encourage all to come to the launch on 2 December to experience first hand the beauty of the music as well as get their free copy of the CD”.

Lawi said the album launch is an event aimed at introducing Sunset In The Sky to Malawi and they would like to keep the program as short as possible so as to give people enough time to go and enjoy the music in the comfort of their homes.

The program will run for two hours from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

“I urge everyone to come and be a part of this beautiful evening and enjoy together with us” he said.

The album will be sold by the official partner, Zodiak broadcasting station through their offices country wide, Cockpit lounge and Lilongwe wildlife trust who are the authorized distribution partners.