LeuMas links up with Erick Rush and Danny Cash


Rising Malawian music artist LeuMas has linked up with Erick Rush and Danny Cash for his upcoming release.

Erick Rush and Danny Cash are both from America but currently based in South Africa.

Confirming the development, the artist says the song will be out soon, giving “early February” as the timeline.

He has not disclosed the title yet, but assures he is in possession of the song.

LeuMas says the collaboration came about through the social networks.

“I viewed Erick after a few joints he did with Nasty C. Then I sent some of my demo songs to his e-mail. He replied and told me to work with him on one of the songs I sent for free,” explains the up-and-coming artist.

Erick Rush (left) and Nasty C. Photo: Erick Rush/Facebook

The musician/producer, who recently made a name after he worked with one of Malawi’s top artists’, Theo Thomson on a song titled ‘Priceless’, says the collaboration is “so big” to him.

“To say the truth I never expected,” he points out.

“I approached Theo [Thomson] as a producer then same thing I did. I made him listen to a few projects and we did ‘Priceless’,  with a [joint] EP coming through soon,” he explains further.

The moves have boosted his spirits.

“If I was on 5 now am on 6. I need to be on 10/10. I learnt a lot working with Theo and he is still pushing me so I don’t fall down,” he says.

He reveals next on the list is another collaboration with Theo Thomson titled ‘Mayine’ and ‘Stay’ featuring Malawi’s rap queen Rina.