Like Father like son, the story of Jamaal Ka-Mlaka Maliro

Jamaal Ka-Mlaka Maliro. Photo Credit: Hiphop4hiv Nation/Facebook

We have a new kid on the block. His name is Jamaal Ka-Mlaka Maliro. And yes, he is the son to legendary musician –cum-Pastor Mlaka Maliro. If you happened to miss the recent trolls on social media, Ka-Mlaka Maliro emerged victorious in the Hiphop4hiv nation 2017 theme song competition.

But what is Hiphop4hiv nation? Well, Hiphop4hiv Nation (#HH4HNation) is a non-profit Organisation that builds on the innate optimism of young people, promoting a holistic lifestyle approach aimed at encouraging youth to maintain an HIV-free lifestyle and achieve their aspirations through youth leadership and self-motivation.

To achieve this goal, #HH4HNation offers a comprehensive set of interactions designed to address the individual, structural and social factors that drive the epidemic among African Youth.

In association with Miss Blantyre events, Bensam entertainment, Joy Nathu , Red Ink and WeCare, the organisation organized a theme song competition under the theme: Love and protect yourself. According to the organization, over 200 songs were received and deadline for submissions was 30th June 2017.

Promos ran on social media and announcements were made on radio and people still didn’t submit on time. When the winner was announced, they complained. Typical of Malawians, we don’t mind the time factor.

That aside, the 23 year old Blantyre International University (BIU) student won and walked away with a beautiful Hiphop4hiv Nation award and K50, 000 cash prize. The package also includes promotion by Hiphop4hiv Nation and the video shot by Bensam Entertainment. He will also perform at Miss Blantyre 2017.

Listening to the song, one can not help but notice creativity in the kid. The delivery and lyrical content is quite matured. As if that is not enough, the young Mlaka can both rap and sing. Of course, he is young, his style is trendy. He is doing what is trending in this modern generation.

When the news emerged on social media, everyone had an opinion. Some criticised the kid urging him to concentrate on his studies while others believed it was okay to follow father’s footsteps.

Currently playing on radio stations across the country, the theme song will be used to raise awareness in different youth radio programmes. It will also be used when having functions.