Ngumuya takes the L over calls for Hall of Fame


Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South, Honourable Allan Ngumuya is taking the L over calls for construction of Hall of Fame.

Ngumuya says the Hall of Fame will document and house historical facts about people who have achieved greatness in the Malawi.

The call has received negative feedback as people say the country has urgent basic problems that need fixing.

The idea however has not been entirely trashed but people who responded to the call gave a number of projects they deem relevant at this time.

The consensus is that Ngumuya’s idea is impressive but ill timed.

Tammy Clare Mbendera said “meanwhile our museum smells, like piss”.

Khwima Longwe said “all these problems in Malawi and you talk of Hall of Fame. Too much time in America has confused his priorities”.

Pascal Chitalo gave a list of alternatives the MP could lobby some of which include “lobbying for construction of more police, teachers and doctors houses”.

Chitalo added “construction of better school blocks and rural hospitals to reduce pressure on Queens, Central and Mzuzu Hospitals”.

It is yet unclear whether Ngumuya plans to go ahead with the notion.

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