Nyasa Guruz set for comeback with ‘Lero ndi Lako’


Celebrated music outfit, Blantyre’s Nyasa Guruz, is making a statement of its comeback by releasing its first-ever studio recording since they stopped making music over five years ago.

The Sispense-produced ‘Lero ndi Lina’ is expected to be officially out on Joy Nathu’s January 29 Made on Monday edition.

The release marks a start to their journey of putting out a fourth album.

Currently, the title of the album has not been put out publicly, but the group has been working with various producers since they announced their comeback last year.

Famed for their old national anthems like ‘Fisi,’ ‘Nthawi’, ‘Kuntonjane’ and ‘Suyamika’, the group members went separate ways in pursuit of education and different ventures.

The blood-related group however did not disband.

With three chart-topping albums ‘Nthawi’ , ‘Tabweranso’ and ‘Tikudikira’, Nyasa Guruz have pointed out that this time they are back for good.

Media personality and performer, Blakjak, is the only member who kept pushing boundaries by releasing music.

Also best known as Che Kalonda, the artist has cultivated his own fan base with songs like ‘Wadya Iwe’, ‘Manda a Nkhuku’ and ‘Indetu’, among other numerous hits.

Commenting on the upcoming project in an interview on Friday, Blakjak stated: “Our biggest objective was to try and maintain the standard and originality for our true and old fans. And the blend into the new sound for the new fans”.

Asked if there was pressure to conform to the music shift, Che replied: “The pressure has always been there from the audience who have been asking for our music, but no pressure from our side to rush the release. We don’t make hot music because it gets cold fast. We make classics”.

He told Nyasa Showbiz that they were done with all the recording but will need two months of mixing and mastering before the full album is ready.

Meanwhile, another Nyasa Guruz member, Black Seed, who resides in the United Kingdom, is also reportedly working on a solo project.

With the change in music landscape over the years, people’s expectations will be answered on January 29 when the first song gets released.

Nyasa Guruz comprise of relatives Pappa, Black Seed, Blakjak, Jinke, Liko Bwoy, Zep and Badde.