Police hunt for hip-hop artist Chavura – Report


Police are looking for musician Mwiza Chavura following mounting concerns about his recently released song glorifying rape.

National police spokesperson James Kadadzera confirmed the police want to summon him for questioning.

Rights activists, artists and scores of people have condemned the musician for breaching the bounds of artistic integrity and demeaning women in general.

Women rights activist Emma Kaliya and Legal expert Edge Kanyongolo have added their weight to condemning the musician for breaching the bounds of artistic integrity and demeaning women in general.

The release of the song has been met with anger, especially from the female folk, with many taking to social media to express their concern over the explicit lyrics.

The concerned have described the lyrics as degrading and a tool for inciting uncalled for behavior. In one line the singer talks about choking a woman with a sock as one way of silencing her during the ordeal.

The song begins and ends with disturbing screams of woman, with a chain saw being heard in the background.

Kaliya says such type of lyrics should never be tolerated.

“Mr. Chavura should have thought it wise not have published such as song. It is very saddening and sickening to listen to that song.

“The message contained in the song is wrong not just for our children but Malawians in general,” explained Kaliya.

The singer has since apologized for what he said was poor judgment in the choice of lyrics used.

He told Zodiak Online that the public has been quick to judge his intentions behind the song, saying it was supposed to be a series of two songs meant to bring awareness against rape.

“I apologize to the nation for the scandal my song has caused, but I think we can come together and look at how to correct this and move on.

“The story in the song has two parts, the second part describes how the guy gets arrested for the crimes, perhaps people should listen to part two,” he said.

Chavula said he was not trying to offend anyone but rather raise awareness against rape.

In his remark, Prof Kanyongolo said in this case freedom of expression cannot be used as defense.

“The law says there are limits to freedom of expression especially when the words altered have the potential to incite violence. The words in the song are in violation of various provisions of laws that are aimed at preventing violence against women,” explained Kanyongolo. – Zodiak Online.