Sequel to Liwu’s ‘Pray a lot’ in the pipeline


Liwu says a sequel to ‘Pray a lot’ will be out December 5.

‘Pray a lot’ came out in 2011.

The song ‘Broken Jenes’ (pronounced Jeans), will be made available on all digital platforms.

This is the first Single off of Liwu’s upcoming EP that will be announced later on in the near future.

‘Pray a lot’ depicts that his jeans are now worn out to the fact because he prays a lot.

With ‘Broken Jenes’, you will be introduced to a new exciting sound, very different from what you would expect from a Liwu song.

This is evidenced in Liwu’s growth as an artist.

He is exploring more with different sounds, that reflects the growth of his artistry.

The song features vocals from Grace Matonga with production mixing and mastering by renowned producer/artist Yesaya Nkwazi.

Liwu is a Christian Hip Hop artist who hails from Malawi, Africa. With 4 projects under his belt, Liwu took a break from doing music to focus on getting his Masters Degree, but soon resurfaced with 2 freestyles (I work so hard and 3 Years Freestyle).

Not to shy away from being bold and expressive, he followed up the freestyles by dropping a song titled ‘Liwuminati’, which received a lot of reviews because of the song titles close resemblance to illuminati.

Liwu stated the title meant “shedding Light on the word as ‘Liwu’ means Word in his native Language of Chichewa, and illumination is bringing light to something”.

Broken Jenes is the next single right after Liwuminati.