Slessor redefines Malawi Hip Hop in new mixtape

Hip Hop artist Slessor. Photo Credit: Slessor

In the midst of old school, new school wrangle, Slessor resurfaces with a new mixtape aiming at bringing back the core values of Hip Hop.

Titled “Redefinition”, the 20 track mixtape was released online on Monday.

“The mixtape is basically about me taking my fans back to the core values of Hip Hop. It’s a lifestyle. It’s about self-expression through rhymes,” Slessor said in an interview.

He observed that currently the direction of the hip hop industry was not up to satisfactory level.

“I feel like this project will give Malawians the best of both worlds. From authentic rap to the new generation kind of rap. Although, I must confess its predominantly original rap,” he disclosed.

He further added that the mixtape was about setting the right trends and standards of Malawi Hip Hop.

“Redefinition” has songs such as “Know who you are” which was branded one of Malawi’s best original hip hop songs released in the latter part of last year by veteran Dj Kenny Klips, according to Slessor.

Other songs include “Hip Hop” and “Ku shabini” whose video is available online.

“I just want to encourage my fans to support me on this project. It is available for free downloads. Lookout for more singles on the airwaves,” he appealed.

Slessor started music at the age of 16. He said he never took it seriously until he got a recording deal with HB records in 2011.

“Since then it’s been more of a passion and serious thing at the same time,” he said.

To date, Slessor has three official projects under his belt namely Renaissance, Nkhani za Ku Malawi and the newly released Redefinition.

Download Slessor’s new mixtape here.

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