Suffix talks album title


Gospel Hip Hop artist Suffix is hyped about the release of his debut album which we now understand is titled Before I Sleep.

The album is set to drop on the 5th of May in Lilongwe and the event is going to be free. Something that is unprecedented in the country’s history.

Suffix took time out to speak about the album title “BEFORE I SLEEP (before I go to bed and at the same time before I die) is about me sharing my heart on on issues.”

“My album is just a narrative of a young man who grew up in the ghetto of Chilobwe in Blantyre, Malawi, through hardships and adversities but still managed to find a way out through faith, hard work and perseverance.”

“Through my life experiences I want to share stories about how the ghetto doesnโ€™t have to be a place of hurt and negativity, but also he wants to show how the hurt and negativity of the ghetto can be overcome, the ghetto can be a good place and people can chase after their dreams, no matter what the dream is.”

He further says “It’s also about those honest and hard conversations that Christians avoid and therefore ending up hurting ourselves inside or hurting someone else instead.”

“Some issues that I have gone through, some that I just heard and how I view all things as friend as a person as a brother but on a CHRISTIAN perspective.” he says.

Suffix says the venue for the launch will be announced in a few days.

Letswai, Suffix management is appealing for sponsorship

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