Sukez nearly loses drone trying to capture BICC


Award winning director Sukez nearly lost his drone trying to document aerial photography of Bingu International Convention Centre premises.

Sukez says he went to the facility for an event and decided to take photographs.

He says he sent the drone on a suicide mission as it reached its maximum altitude.

“I just decided to take the drone up capture The President Walmart, Auditorium, Conference center”.

“So I happen to take the done to the highest level and lost the signal”.

“I couldn’t control it, then with time the battery went low”.

the aerial photography that nearly got the Sukez drone lost.

Sukez says the battery went to 20 percent but fortunately it has capacity to return home and nearly went crashing.

“lucky a friend of mine caught it before it crashed”.

Sukez managed to capture a number of stills.

Have a look:

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