The story behind Theo Thomson’s ‘Magic’


By Mpho Musowa

Behind every hit song there is a story behind it.

So, since R&B singer Theo Thomson launched his “White Elephant” album earlier this month, we got inside scoop on one of the hottest songs, “Magic” featuring Blakjak.

Did you know that the beat for “Magic” was actually a pasada originally done by Pro Pee?

Producer Yesaya confirms the story is true.

Right in the making of “White Elephant”, Theo Thomson got a beat from producer Percy Manyozo aka Pro Pee.

The guys listened to it, loved it but there was a setback, the beat was pasada.

If you have been following Theo’s career, you will notice the guy is very particular about his music, who he works with and features on songs.

So when the guys heard the beat but could not incorporate it into the album some thing had to be done.

Yesaya worked his magic dissecting the pasada beat to the hit song that is “Magic” today.

“He (Pro Pee) did a great beat, we liked it, but it wasn’t like Theo on the rest of the album. So we did some work on that beat,” Yesaya says.

Being outright frank Yesaya did great work turning the pasada beat into a hit song. He is just humble.

He says “It worked well because Pro Pee was cooperative. He sent the necessary files so that we could begin dissecting.”

So how did the dancehall ace Blakjak collaborative effort come about? Come to think of it, the two are greats in their own right, but different music genres.


“Theo and Blakjak had met during the [Airtel] ‘Mwezi Wawala’ song and were talking from there.

“Since I had already worked with him and Theo knew him, it made sense when we thought of contacting him for a feature. And he did really well, told an awesome story in his verse,” explains Yesaya.

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