Tuno heroic to break into the male dominated industry


Tunosiwe Mwakalinga, a model and singer from Blantyre, best known as Tuno, seeks to make strides in the country’s music industry.

At the age of 19 and a college undergraduate, the R&B/Dancehall musician is extremely brave to claim a spot in the male-saturated business that has seen many female artists tumbling on the way.

In the last decade, a number of female artists have come out to release songs that have made waves, but due to a number of factors they have failed to grow and sustain their music careers.

But the Run singer, who says she has met a lot of people who have bluntly told her she is just wasting time pursuing a music career, has a different eye, having measured the echelon with her 2016 singles. Apart from Run a song that features dancehall artist Ishan Capital, she has also released Ego and Tandiuze.

“People [have] been telling me that when it comes to music here in Malawi [it] is just a waste of time, but I believe in myself. I’m going to make it and open people’s eyes to see how important it is,” the brave singer declares in an interview with Nyasa Showbiz.

The singer-songwriter, who turns 20 in June, fearlessly states: “I’m highly wishing to be the next big female artist and to inspire and to be someone’s role model. I don’t take music as hobby.

“I was never serious in the first place because I was listening and believing what people say. Now I’ve realised that they just wanted to pull me down. I’m going to go hard and do what’s best to become who I want.”

But what really gives this rising diva the confidence that she is going to make it in a market where a lot of artists, even the preferential males, are struggling?

She replies: “Because I’m different. I have my own style and I believe in God. This gift came from God. He’s got his reasons. He can’t give me this talent to suffer with it.”

Tuno started singing in 2014 and reveals her compositions and writing are profoundly inspired by influential U.S. performers Tamar Braxton, Tamia, Beyoncé and the late Whitney Houston.