Vogue Lounge sponsors Chanco Social weekend


By Chris Loka

As part of corporate social responsibility, newly established Zomba based leisure centre, Vogue Lounge has sponsored University of Malawi’s Chancellor College Social weekend scheduled for Friday 20th to 21st October.

Vogue Lounge Managing Director, Joey Mwamadi said after spending hours in the library or attending classes, there is need for students to relax through entertainment and that is why they have decided to render the support.

“Students need time to relax and have fun in the course of learning and we have come in to achieve the same, they have to relax from the rigors of academic life” he said.

Mwamadi said the interaction among students helps in promoting mental and physical wellness.

“During College you may be placed in social situations that can be out of your Comfort zone and make you feel vulnerable, but if you push yourself to interact with others, you can develop your social skills and build yourself confidence” he said.

He added the social weekend will provide a platform for students to interact through several activities and also to know more about the unique Leisure centre which will soon be launched at Matawale resident in the old capital city, Zomba.

According to Chanco Entertainment Director Gift Symon, the event has been organized in a unique way and students should expect to have fun.

Symon said the event will start at 7 o’clock in the evening with Crowning Mr. and Miss Chanco and performances by a number of artists including Macelba, Saint, Don Tarz, Janta, Home grown, Bouncy, Piksy, DJ Maya, DJ Nathan and DJ Frames.

Organizers say soon after the event at the great hall there will be an after party at the Sports complex where Tay-Grin, Bucci and Hazel Mark are expected to perform.

The events will reach its climax on Saturday with an open air Disco where Charisma and Post-Negative will also perform.