Watch trailer for Abambo AB’s ‘Acid Flow’


Reincarnated Hip Hop pioneer, Abambo AB, is throwing bars in his new trailer for the yet to be released ‘Acid Flow’.

Shot by rising videographer KBros, AB is seen rapping in the dark with his cronies in the background.

AB has been on hiatus for the last 4 years but dusted off his mic in 2017.

No date has been set for the official release of the song and visuals, but it is soon, according to the rapper.

In an earlier interview, AB indicated he wanted to focus on projects that uplift society.

“Right now, I am just trying to get a feel of the game before I launch into a full blown project, but what I am trying to do is run a few projects that will benefit society and impact the minds of young and older people alike.

“This project we are calling ‘Loud Silence’  is a book collection where we are collecting books from private individuals and donating them to charities.”

AB disclosed: “So far we are still in the preliminary stages, but that’s what we are prioritising. I believe there’s great strength in knowledge and most knowledge is hidden in books.

“We are also doing this merely as catalysts of change, with hope that others will follow and take part in developing our country in their own present capacities.”

Watch the trailer:

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