Zathu Band declares dominance with ‘Sitigonja’

Zathu Band. Photo courtesy of Zathu

Following the release of yet another banger ‘Sitigonja’, it is now officially undebatable that the Zathu phenomenon is not dying anytime soon. Zathu is here to stay.

On Monday, 24th July, the youthful Band released ‘Sitigonja’ audio and video. The video features Malawi’s celebrated maestro Lulu.

Weighing in his views on the video, “Mdidi” hit maker Faith Mussa, who also collaborates with Zathu related past experiences to “Sitigonja” video concept.

“As a young person who grew up in Malawi I felt the restrictions placed on boys and girls that result from societal expectations. Working on ‘Sitigonja’ allowed me to explore this issues, to show how boys and girls can achieve more should they not be pushed down particular paths. I think many young people here have gone through the same, and I hope they will feel liberated by this song.”

‘Sitigonja’ is the second in a series of narrative music videos released and follows the single, ‘Zimatere Zimatere’ which was released earlier this year.

‘Sitigonja’ music video follows Zathu Band as they try to find their way to a special photoshoot.

“They encounter numerous difficulties along their journey but work together to overcome them; challenging assumptions and stereotypes as they go,” reads a statement from Zathu.

The statement further added, “The song is the latest single and music video released by Zathu, a Malawian youth brand launched this April.

‘Sitigonja’ is performed by the Zathu Band; whose sound is totally unique. Their music fuses traditional Malawian music with modern instruments, arrangements and vocal production, creating a sound that is at once fresh, upbeat and distinctly Malawian.”

The Zathu Band is made up of Zathu’s six main characters: Annetti [The Survivor], T-Reel [The Arrogant One], Mphatso [The Strong One], JP [The Sensitive One], Xander [The Good Guy] and Chikondi [The Dreamer].

These six characters also appear in a radio drama that forms part of Zathu Pa Wailesi, a radio show aired on Saturday on MBC2 at 5pm, and on Sunday on Zodiak at 1:30pm. The show is hosted by the brilliant Lily Banda and DJ Goxy.

Aside from the Zathu Band’s music and hit drama, the show includes: music from other leading Malawian and international artists; the chance for audiences to be heard in the feature ‘Timve Kwa Inu’; and advice from Zathu’s Gogo, who answers young people’s questions on topics from puberty to friendship. Young people can SMS Gogo questions on 0888353535 or 0999353535.

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