Zathu Band mesmerizes gathering at Umthetho Festival

Zathu Band with their fans at Umthetho Festival. Photo Credit: Zathu Band

As part of this year’s Umthetho Festival on Saturday 12 August, Zathu Band performed in Hora, Mzimba under a special invite by Inkosi ya MaKosi M’mbelwa.

During the event, the Inkosi also hosted a youth conference for 500 youth under the theme ‘Women and Girls’. And as a gift to the community Zathu band donated K400,000 worth of buckets to the students of Mzimba.

In his brief remarks, Inkosi ya MaKosi M’mbelwa disclosed that Zathu Band is one of his favorite groups in the country.

“Zathu Band is one of my favorite groups. ‘Sitigonja’ is about girls and boys standing together in friendship and also in adversity- that is a message all youth need to live by,” the Inkosi said.

Dr. Victor Mandhlopa, chairperson of Umthetho organizing committee also saluted the youthful band, saying Zathu represents the excitement and passion for change.

“Zathu has started a youth movement through radio, music and drama. Zathu represents the excitement and passion for change we are looking for. We want people to leave this event ready for a new Mzimba and a new Malawi,” Dr Mandhlopa said.

This is not Zathu’s first visit to this community. Zathu Band also performed in Mzimba during the Zathu Pa Wailesi road show earlier this year.

The messages of Zathu are friendship, self-expression, creativity and gender equality which are values the Inkosi wished the band to share with the youth.

As part of their performance, the audience heard the band’s latest single and music video “Sitigonja”, a song which fuses traditional Malawian beats with a fresh contemporary sound.

Umthetho festival is held with the aim of promoting and preserving Ngoni culture.