Zathu Band release ‘Panga Zako’


Zathu Band has released their third musical installment titled ‘Panga Zako’.

The song came out on 30th October in both music single and video format, across popular Malawian entertainment channels ahead of the much anticipated Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 2 which airs from 6th November.

This season the radio show continues to bring popular music, inspiring stories, wisdom from Gogo Nana and suspenseful drama.

Through the radio show, the singles and videos, Zathu aims to bring girls and boys together to forge a more equal Malawi.

“Panga Zako” (be yourself) is the most expressive statement yet in the series of story-telling music videos following the Zathu characters and their trusted Gogo.

The video focuses on Chikondi, whose strict Aunt has no time to listen to the whims of teenagers and feels Chikondi should focus on house chores rather than pursue her talent.

However, with the help of her friends and advice from Gogo, Chikondi finds the confidence to express her feelings and tell her aunt that music is her passion.

Through her courage, Chikondi is also able to inspire her fellow classmates to find a voice of their own.

In the video, Gogo encourages Chikondi when the moment comes for her to face her aunt: “Mwana wanga bwelera ukakambe ndi Anti ako.Usawope, ulindi ife. Tiye.” (Go talk to your aunt my child. We are with you, do not be afraid. Let’s go.)

Written by Faith Mussa, the song, “Panga Zako” is a fusion of popular urban beats and traditional Malawian music – a sound that is fresh, upbeat and distinctly Zathu.

The video was screened exclusively in selected primary and secondary schools during the Zathu Pa Wailesi Season 2 roadshows in Lilongwe, Mzimba, Zomba and Machinga. For the scores of students dancing along to the song, the latest single is already an exciting hit.

Zathu Band is made up of Zathu’s six main characters: Annetti [The Survivor], T-Reel [The Arrogant One], Mphatso [The Strong One], JP [The Sensitive One], Xander [The Good Guy] and Chikondi [The Dreamer].

These six characters also appear in a radio drama that forms part of Zathu Pa Wailesi, a radio show airs on Saturday on MBC2 at 5pm, and on Sunday on Zodiak at 1:30pm.

Aside from the Zathu Band’s music and hit drama, the show includes: music from other leading Malawian and international artists; the chance for audiences to be heard in the feature ‘Timve Kwa Inu’; and advice from Zathu’s Gogo, who answers young people’s questions on topics from puberty to friendship.

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